Our Team

Seaweed Generation's mission is to mitigate and remove carbon emissions using seaweed. We believe that the wonders of seaweed can be coupled with technology for ocean rehabilitation of biodiversity, removal of pollution, and deacidification, that will also create a fantastic base biomass for food, animal feed, fertiliser, plastics, fuel, carbon removal, and much much more.

Our focus is on creating technology and infrastructure that can make this a reality. At heart, we are inventors, who believe that automation, robotics, data and a little imagination can hold the key to a scalable and sustainable future for seaweed aquaculture and for the planet.

For general questions or information about Seaweed Generation, please get in touch with us via email at enquiries@seaweedgeneration.com.

Patricia (Paddy) Estridge, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Patricia (Paddy) Estridge

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

An infinitely curious software engineer, CEO Paddy has previously worked at Google, in international logistics and community management, and Betterment (the original robo advisor) as Lead Mobile Engineer. Her specialties include building teams, bringing people together, delivering complex projects and making the massive manageable.

Mike Allen, PhD, Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer

Mike Allen, PhD

Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer

Mike is a marine biotechnologist with two decades of research experience working with and valorising algae. The author of > 100 research articles, Mike has published cutting edge research on topics including bioremediation, water sanitation, high throughput liquid processing, novel technology development and biorefineries.

Duncan Smallman, PhD, Founding Scientist, Head of Cultivation

Duncan Smallman, PhD

Founding Scientist, Head of Cultivation

Born in Japan, Duncan has lived a life on seaweed. This sea-obsessed marine biologist finally realised that seaweed was the answer for life. Since 2013 Duncan has been working in the aquaculture and seaweed industry. He brings 10 years of seaweed experience in novel cultivation methods, education, coastal community projects, product development, and much more. If it's something to do with seaweed, Duncan will try it.

Blythe Taylor, Chief of Staff

Blythe Taylor

Chief of Staff

A skilled communicator and people manager, Blythe's background is in international qualitative market research. With over a decade of facilitation experience, she's honed the art of asking the right questions to uncover the most interesting answers. Channelling her innate curiosity into climate change solutions is a welcome challenge.

Jeremy Wiltshire, Head of Marine Engineering

Jeremy Wiltshire

Head of Marine Engineering

Jeremy is a passionate and deeply knowledged mechanical engineer. With 30 years experience designing and manufacturing bespoke solutions to challenges faced within Subsea and Nuclear Decommissioning environments, there isn't much that phases him. He strives to offer cost effective fit for purpose solutions, always using the best available technologies.

Dan Schaub, Head of Software Engineering

Dan Schaub

Head of Software Engineering

Dan has been a part of the New York startup scene since 2010, leading teams in the e-commerce, finance, and healthcare industries. With a background spanning cloud infrastructure, security, software reliability, and user interfaces, he's looking forward to taking on the climate crisis from many angles.

Robert (Bob) Turner, Lead Robotics Engineer

Robert (Bob) Turner

Lead Robotics Engineer

Bob is a seasoned Mechanical Design Engineer with a rich background across diverse sectors including healthcare, sustainability, automotive, and consumer products. With a proven track record for tackling the most complex challenges, his innovative approach to design is fundamental to SeaGen's work in novel climate tech.

Oscar Brennan, Robotics Engineer

Oscar Brennan

Robotics Engineer

Oscar is an electronics engineer with experience designing and testing smart energy systems, and building software for battery storage. He enjoys the challenge of applying new technologies to accelerate decarbonisation.

Syd Colvin, Assistant Robotics Engineer

Syd Colvin

Assistant Robotics Engineer

With a background in both Mechanical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University, Syd brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the SeaGen team. Syd's passion for robotics and AI brings a fresh perspectives to our engineering challenges. These skills are pivotal in the development of innovative solutions for marine environments, as we embark on groundbreaking climate-conscious initiatives.

Jack Leung, Robotics Engineer

Jack Leung

Robotics Engineer

Jack is a mechanical engineer experienced in taking marine equipment projects from customer requirements through design, manufacture and deployment. Jack can draw from prior experience in energy, oceanography and renewable industries, and his knowledge and commitment to high quality work are critical to the SeaGen engineering team's success.

Maddie Reynolds, Communications Manager

Maddie Reynolds

Communications Manager

Maddie is currently studying Biological and Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Exeter. With a keen interest in the intersection of science and communication, Maddie is embarking on exciting new ventures as SeaGen's Communication Manager. With her unique blend of scientific acumen, creative flair, and entrepreneurial spirit, she is set to make a meaningful impact.

Paul Gillies, Junior Mechanical Engineer

Paul Gillies

Junior Mechanical Engineer

Paul is a huge asset to the SeaGen workshop, getting stuck into any and all engineering challenges whilst completing his studies at Glasgow Caledonian University. He's particularly interested in robotics and is honing his skills in electronic system design & interfacing.