Carbon Dioxide Removal

We’re excited to be supported by lots of exciting businesses to actively remove carbon dioxide. All of these wonderful carbon removal companies work with diverse audiences, from large companies to individuals, so there is something everyone can do to get involved and support Seaweed Generation.

  • Airminers - Airminers have supported us through their Launchpad and Boosted programmes to advance our understanding of product development and carbon marketplaces.

  • Zopeful - We’ve joined Zopefuls Carbon Removal Portfolio, we’re working together to actively remove carbon and build a net zero carbon world.

  • Thanks a Ton - A brilliant climate gifting company. We’ve joined their mission to remove carbon by sending gift cards, a wonderful way for anyone to get involved!

  • Zeru Earth - Real action, right now. Zeru Earth provide accessible solutions to reduce carbon footprints. We’ve joined their carbon removal portfolio, as well as their mission to tackle climate action, to actively and permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere.

  • ClimateTrade - An innovative marketplace for real carbon offsetting and positive climate impact. We’re excited to have joined ClimateTrade’s diverse portfolio for carbon removal.

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Research support

Being part of a vibrant research community for all aspects of our activities is crucial to Seaweed Generation’s future success, so we’re really proud to work with research funders locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to support our plans.

  • Innovate UK - We have gained some fantastic support from UKRI’s Innovate UK (the UK’s innovation agency).

    We’re really proud to have gained support from the Improving Observation Capabilities of Biodiversity in UK Waters program. Innovate UK is working with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to invest up to £1.5 million for innovation projects that can improve the observation capabilities of the UK’s waters, towards improved assessment and evaluation of the status and risks to natural capital assets.

    We’ll be building on our AlgaRay system to create the Seaweed Generation Automated Robotic Ocean Biodiversity Observation Glider (lovingly referred to as AROBOG) which will develop and mount various sensors capable of monitoring marine biodiversity. The goal is to assess the impacts of human activities (such as the growing number of seaweed farms and the emergence of off-shore wind warms) on natural ecosystem function and resilience.

  • Innovate UK EDGE - Innovate UK EDGE is a key part of the UK innovation agency’s investment in the innovative businesses that drive economic growth. EDGE supported us by providing early mentoring and advisory support to develop our business resilience and strategies for growth, finance and IP protection.
  • DEFRA - We recently gained support from DEFRA through the Farming Futures R&D Fund: Sustainable farm-based protein, feasibility studies call. The programme aims to develop innovative solutions that increase the productivity and sustainability of farming.

    We’ll be looking at developing our AlgaVator seaweed cultivation system to produce high protein poultry feed and using machine learning to ensure optimised growing conditions for our seaweeds, leading to a higher yields of biomass and maximised effectiveness for crop yield.

  • University of Bristol - We have recently gained support from the BBSRC Flexible Talent Mobility Account via the University of Bristol. The fund was set up to support placements, secondments and other activities that contribute to the mobility and development of talented researchers and technical staff at leading bioscience organisations.

    The award will support us to develop a hyperspectral camera payload to be mounted on our robots and deep sea monitoring systems for identifying monitoring the health and degradation of seaweed.

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Project partners

As an evidence-led organisation, we’re constantly looking to learn more about our field, and we couldn’t do it alone. Partnering with other professional organisations, researchers and companies we’re able to share expertise and develop knowledge.

  • University of Exeter - We’re excited to have strong ties with the University of Exeter. We recently gained joint support through the Accelerated Knowledge Transfer to Innovate (AKT2I). This scheme supports academic institutes (in our case the fantastic University of Exeter) to work with UK registered businesses to deliver a short, rapid and targeted intervention to accelerate the development of an innovation project through knowledge exchange activity.

    Our AKT2I project will kick start the development of a robust MRV suitable for Seaweed Generation’s approach and draft the standard operating procedures needed to ensure it achieves acceptance and verification.

    We’re also lucky enough to work with Exeter’s talented next generation of researchers, engineers and scientists. The partnership offers amazing opportunities to work together to find out all we can to unlock seaweeds potential for a sustainable future.

  • Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL) - CIEL are supporting us to develop our innovative cultivation system for the purposes of large scale, high protein seaweed growth in their ‘Aquaculture Seed Funding for Industry-led Research & Innovation program’. We’re extremely proud to be working with CIEL on a project to create a versatile seaweed growing system featuring fully autonomous seeding, harvesting and monitoring.

  • Abrimar - Abrimar is a UK enterprise with expertise in developing novel animal feeds. We’re proud to be partnering with Abrimar on multiple projects surrounding seaweed cultivation to produce high protein poultry feed. A locally grown, reasonably priced, protein source for animal feed would be a huge economic and ecological boost to the UK, particularly one that can be grown without land or fertiliser.

  • South West Mull and Iona Development Trust (SWMID) - We’re really excited to partner with SWMID and we’ll be working together to deliver our ARABOG monitoring project to improve the understanding of the impacts that seaweed farming may have on marine biodiversity. We’ll be working on their community owned seaweed farm (the largest community owned farm in the UK) to test farm monitoring equipment and growing substrates.

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Other partners

We’re so proud to have also worked in conjunction with:

  • Unreasonable - Unreasonable drive lasting, scalable change to solve global climate issues. We’ve been working with their support to expand our operations and create real impact in the carbon removal field.

  • Autodesk - Autodesk supported us by providing free licences to their software.

  • Cornish Seaweed Company - An award-winning seaweed producer who have kindly shared biomass with us for our research.

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If you’re interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch here!