1. We believe that we must stop Climate Change, if we don’t there will be a catastrophic loss of life on Earth, including for humans.
  2. We believe that we need removals. As stated by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, we need large scale (10 billion tonnes a year) carbon dioxide removal will be essential to keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees of warming.
  3. We believe that we must act. We are running out of time. The UN reported just weeks ago that the current climate pledges across the 193 countries who are part of the Paris accord will increase emissions by 10.6% compared to 2010 levels. We aren’t doing enough, and we aren’t doing it fast enough.
  4. We believe that carbon dioxide removal using seaweed could get to billion tonne scale. There are very few pathways to that scale of carbon dioxide removal, with viable costs (< $100) and co-benefits for biodiversity and habitat remediation.
  5. We believe that Sargassum is the perfect starting point. Exact measurements for ocean based carbon dioxide removal are being fine tuned, the deep ocean needs to be monitored for any impacts, the field needs to do more research. But here’s the kicker - it’s a chicken and egg problem - you can’t do the research without sinking seaweed and removing carbon. That’s why we believe that it’s much better to start with an existing, problematic, and highly measurable biomass.
  6. We believe that individuals have a stake. Governments, academic institutions and corporations all have a role to play. So do you! Anyone who cares about the future of our planet has a role to play. With early purchases, not only are you buying carbon dioxide removal, you are also helping us and the industry to learn and develop.

Small amounts of pre purchases are available for our 2023 and 2024 pilots. They will be delivered as a priority, with the evidence uploaded to our online portal for you to see. These purchases will help us to conduct trials and gather data to establish better measurement approaches, and to monitor the deep ocean environment

We are working on certification for these removals, which we expect to happen in the next 12-24 months. Before they are certified, they can’t be retired or counted against your carbon footprint for any official reporting purpose.

Final thought from Mike, our CSO:

In a twist of irony, a tonne of uncertified carbon removed today is not deemed as valuable as a certified tonne removed in e.g. three years time.

The truth is the opposite: as every scientist will agree, in a like-for-like comparison, an uncertified tonne removed today is actually MORE impactful in the climate war than a certified tonne removed in the future, simply because it happens earlier.