Undercurrents: April 2024

Seaweed Generation's roundup of company news and perspective on all things climate.

Seaweed on the coast

Blythe Taylor, Chief of Staff

Monday of this week saw many around the world celebrate Earth Day, which serves as an important reminder of our collective responsibility to put our natural world first. At SeaGen we’re conscious of the ever increasing need for environmental protection to be front and centre, not just on one day a year, but as a foundation of business and policy development. We’d love Earth Day to become more than rallies, tree planting and community clean up events. For whilst these grass roots initiatives are crucial and should be celebrated, it’s big business that can lend weight and heft to the climate fight.

We’re fortunate enough to have found a like-minded partner in Oliver Wyman, a company that sees the important role business needs to play. We’re proud to be a partner in their Climate Leadership Portfolio which provides financial support and expertise to four organizations exploring innovative carbon removal strategies.

Oliver Wyman wanted to mark Earth Day by highlighting to colleagues the work their Climate leadership partners are doing. Cue a beautifully sunny day in London and a demonstration of SeaGen’s environmental monitoring system the AlgaBuoy on the Regent’s canal.

Buoy in London App demo

Understanding the environment and the impacts human activity is having on ecosystems is a core focus of our work. The AlgaBuoy, with live data and camera streams, allows for continual monitoring of water spaces, providing the baseline data needed to track environmental change over time. We’re excited about what these first steps will mean for the future of biodiversity and environmental monitoring as we develop dynamic and automated systems. The data we gather can inform action and in turn measure its impact . For us, it was amazing to showcase how our tech has real-world impact in the here and now. We can’t wait to see where we get to on this exciting journey by Earth Day next year!


Progress and Press

New SeaGen team member Jack Leung

We welcomed Jack, our latest robotics engineer to the team. Jack is a mechanical engineer experienced in taking marine equipment projects from customer requirements through design, manufacture and deployment. His knowledge and commitment to high quality work are critical to SeaGen’s engineering team success.



Latest SeaGen Podcast - ‘It’s not gonna be easy, you’ve got to have… gum shoe!’

Podcast screenshot

With Co-founders Paddy Estridge and Mike Allen and special guest, The University of the West Indies President, Curtis Charles.

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