Work With Us

We are on a mission to mitigate and remove carbon emissions using seaweed, and we want you to join us! We believe that the wonders of seaweed can be coupled with technology for ocean rehabilitation of biodiversity, removal of pollution, and de acidification, that will also create a fantastic base biomass for food, animal feed, fertiliser, plastics, fuel, carbon removal, and much much more.

Our focus is on creating technology and infrastructure that can make this a reality. At heart, we are inventors, who believe that automation, robotics, data and a little imagination can hold the key to a scalable and sustainable future for seaweed aquaculture and for the planet.

We are looking for open minded, curious and go getting people, who love getting stuck in and figuring out innovative answers to unchartered questions.

Engineering Technician (Glasgow, UK)

Welder/Fabricator (Glasgow, UK)

Software Engineer (United Kingdom)